A decade of experience in the field of planning and layout of production lines makes Transtechnika the perfect partner for complex engineering projects.

We are the leading experts in Russia for the setup of factories in injection moulding, pad printing and related industries. A dozen of highly trained sales and service engineers support more than one hundred customers in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine in order to optimize their production processes and product quality.

 Transtechnika offers a complete range of engineering services:

  • Planning, including technology consulting and machinery/factory layout;
  • Import, including order management, customs regulations, financial transactions and transportation;
  •  Implementation, including installation and commissioning;
  • After sales service, including on-site-service and spare parts management.

This impressive technical package is complemented by the corresponding financial know-how. In cooperation with our German sister company Transtechnika Ost Gmbh, we are able to offer a wide range of financing options. Thus, every project results in a tailor-made solution for the technical and financial requirements of our customers.