22 years of experience.

During the years of dynamic work some essential alterations had taken place , which influenced our company’s development in a very positive way. The advancement of the high-tech equipment in Russia and CIS was and still remains our basic aim.

Some years ago our customers and we had two primary tasks – sales of high quality equipment and competent servicing. Life dictates ist rules. Prompt development of production claims new approaches. So we organized a warehouse for spares and consumable supplies. The next step in our work was opening of the exhibition centre with many exhibits and opening of the training centre. Our home exhibitions and training seminars attracted new customers and allowed them to train and qualify their specialists on the basis of our Training & Demonstration Centre. The establishment of our own Logistics Department allowed to essentially reduce delivery time for equipment and consumable supplies and facilitated formation of favorable prices for our customers. We are still working hard to improve the quality of our servicing. Central position of our office, warehouse, Training and Demonstration Centre affords an opportunity to get full servicing, to save time and expenses. Additional representative office in Germany gives many choices to our clients as to the delivery terms and service. Our team is constantly growing, young qualified specialists, who were trained by our suppliers in Germany, join us. Organized together with german colleagues visits to the russian and CIS plants especially facilitate the solution of production tasks, set by our customers. Visits to the specialized international exhibitions and seminars allow to get a complete overview about the development in plastic industry and auxiliary branches. So this way our specialists with the aid of experience and knowledge offer qualified solutions to the tasks of the modern production.

Science and technology development gives great incentives to learn something new, to go forward, to create rationalizing conditions and methods of the interaction with customers, allowing to be fully up-to-date with the last technical innovations. To provide this we stay in continuous contact with the customers using all modern communication facilities and in our periodical «Transtechnika» we publish the latest news about our activities. We are happy that our company joins dedicated, creative and purposeful people. We hope that our common experience and profesionalism with those ones of our customers will further benefit the successful course of our business.